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    We will help you to protect your property, supervise your tenant and collect your rent. Ideal for busy landlords or landlords who cannot visit the property regularly.

    Plans & Pricing

    Inventory Check

    Setting the foundation right is crucial for safeguarding your property investment, and we understand the importance of a seamless start to your rental journey. At the commencement of the contract, our dedicated team will conduct a meticulous property inspection, leaving no detail unnoticed.

    Rental/Lease Agreement

    We offer a comprehensive service to draft and finalize rental or lease agreements in close coordination with both property owners and tenants, ensuring clarity and fairness for all parties involved. If you are unable to be physically present during the agreement signing, we have a solution to facilitate the process. In such situations, we can provide the required paperwork for a limited or specific power of attorney. This allows us, or a representative of your choice, to sign the agreement on your behalf. Please note that, for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), power of attorney adjudication charges will apply, and any associated lawyer fees will be billed separately. Our aim is to simplify the rental process and accommodate your needs efficiently while ensuring legal compliance and protection for your interests. You can trust our expertise and experience to handle the necessary paperwork, giving you peace of mind in managing your property matters, regardless of your physical location.

    Explaining Restrictions and Responsibilities

    During the lease signing process, our priority is to provide a comprehensive explanation of the limitations, restrictions, and responsibilities that apply to both the property owner and the tenant. We understand that a clear understanding of these crucial aspects is essential for fostering a successful and harmonious rental relationship. Our team will take the time to go through the lease agreement meticulously, ensuring that all parties are well-informed about their rights and obligations. For property owners, we will explain any specific limitations or restrictions regarding the property's use and ensure they are aware of their responsibilities in terms of property maintenance, adherence to local laws, and other pertinent matters. Likewise, for tenants, we will outline their responsibilities, such as timely rent payments, property care, and compliance with lease terms. Our aim is to facilitate open communication, address any questions or concerns, and ensure that both parties enter the lease agreement with confidence and a shared understanding of the terms, fostering a positive and transparent leasing experience.

    Regular Property Inspection

    With our property management service, our dedicated Executive will handle tenant coordination, property inspections, and provide comprehensive reports. Included in the package are regular inspections throughout the year to monitor your property's condition proactively. We'll keep you informed well in advance about the inspection schedule, ensuring transparency and convenience. Any additional visits beyond the scheduled ones will be charged separately, with clear communication beforehand. Rest assured that our commitment is to deliver top-notch property management services, with thorough inspections that safeguard your investment and grant you peace of mind. You can rely on our experienced team to manage property maintenance and tenant communication efficiently, keeping you informed about your property's well-being. Trust us to take care of your property, providing a hassle-free and rewarding management experience.

    Exit Inventory Check

    At the commencement and conclusion of each tenancy, we conduct meticulous inventory checks to ensure the utmost protection of your property. Before your tenant moves in, we carefully document the property's condition and inventory, including furniture and fixtures, to establish a clear baseline. Similarly, when your tenant vacates, we perform a comprehensive inspection to compare the property's state against the initial inventory, ensuring any damages or discrepancies are addressed. Our commitment to thorough inventory checks guarantees the preservation of your property and provides you with peace of mind throughout the entire leasing process.