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      ₹15000- VILLA


      For Rent in Kelambakkam, Chennai.

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      2088 sq ft 3 Beds 3 Baths Ground Floor
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      ₹20000- Apartment

      Urban Tree

      For Rent in Perumbakkam, Chennai

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      1095 sq ft 2 Beds 2 Baths 2/4 Floor
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      ₹18000- Apartment

      MK Flats

      For Rent in Zamin Pallavaram, Chennai

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      845 sq ft 2 Beds 2 Baths 1/3 Floor


    Find the Right Tenants, Quicker!

    Leave it to Us: Verified Tenants in No Time!

    Your Assistance, Anytime!

    Round-the-Clock Customer Service: Caring for Your Property and Tenants.

    Property Value on the Rise

    Watch Your Property Value Rise Effortlessly.

    Transforming Spaces with Precision!

    Painting & Interior Services: Elevating Your Living Spaces.

    Legal Documentation

    Hassle-Free Documentation & Legal Support: From Entry to Exit.

    Ensuring Timely Transactions

    Join Us for Timely Rentals: Worry-Free Payment Assurance.


    NRI and other people staying away from their property and need management for rentals, tenant, and other maintenance related to the property.


    Our rental service is great advantage for tenant who need property for reasonable rent.


    We will analyze your personal or maintenance problems and rectify your complaints immediately.




    (1 year)

      750 /month

    Professional management services
    and routine maintenance

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    (1 year)

      1000 /month

    Leave the problem to us and
    expect verified tenants in no time

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    (2 years)

      875 /month

    Join us and live with hassle
    free Maintenance & rentals

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    (5 years)

      700 /month

    Join us and live with hassle
    free Maintenance & rentals

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    Happy Customers

    I have recommended Nimmadhi Property to too many people. Very professional in the responses and I am very satisfied. Their response time is very fast. After giving the property to Nimmadhi Property Managemnet, I don't need to worry about my apartments anymore. They helped in furnishing the flat and finding a suitable tenant.I was able to manage my flat rental, repair services remotely from abroad without any issues. Keep up the good job

    happy client

    Mr. Manikandan S


    I happened to meet Nimmadhi Team few days back while renting a house in Tambaram-Chennai. They are thorough professional and service oriented. They coordinated very well with the house owner and completed all the activities "on time" "smoothly".. I will definitely recommend to others on their services.. Great Job !!

    happy client

    Mr. Krishnamurthy R



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    Nimmadhi® Property Management offers four plans for your convenience. Nimmadhi® Property Management Silver plan costs ₹9000+GST per year. Nimmadhi® Property Management Gold plan costs ₹12000 +GST per year. Nimmadhi® Property Management Diamond plan costs ₹21000 +GST for two years. Nimmadhi® Property Management Platinum plan costs ₹42000 +GST for five years. For comprehensive details on each plan, please visit our Property Management Plans page.

    At Nimmadhi® Property Management, we offer a wide range of maintenance services to ensure that your property remains in top-notch condition. Our services include: White-Washing and Painting: Our skilled team of painters will refresh the walls and interiors of your property, giving it a new and vibrant look. Plumbing: Our experienced plumbers will handle all plumbing-related issues, including fixing leaks, unclogging drains, and repairing faucets. Cleaning: We provide comprehensive cleaning services to keep your property clean and tidy, both before and after occupancy. Minor Renovation Works: Our team is equipped to handle minor renovation projects, such as fixing grills for balconies/windows and making minor fixtures in interiors. Workmen in Our Contacts: We work with a network of trusted and skilled workmen to ensure the highest quality of workmanship. Please note that while we take care of coordinating and supervising the maintenance work, the charges for these services are the responsibility of the property owner or membership-holder. Rest assured that our team will handle all maintenance-related tasks efficiently and promptly to ensure the optimal condition of your property.

    At Nimmadhi® Property Management, we follow a thorough tenant selection process to ensure that you find reliable and responsible tenants for your house. Our selection process typically includes the following steps: Application Screening: We ask potential tenants to fill out a detailed rental application that includes their personal information, rental history, employment details, and references. Background Check: We conduct background checks on applicants, which may include checking their credit history, criminal background, and rental history. Income Verification: We verify the applicant's income to ensure that they can afford the rent and meet their financial obligations. Rental References: We contact the applicant's previous landlords to gather information about their rental history, behavior, and any issues during their previous tenancies. Personal Interview: We conduct personal interviews with potential tenants to assess their suitability and compatibility with your property. Rental Criteria: We have specific rental criteria in place, which includes factors like income-to-rent ratio, credit score, and rental history, to help us make informed decisions. Tenant Screening Services: We may use professional tenant screening services to ensure a comprehensive evaluation of potential tenants. Legal Compliance: Our tenant selection process adheres to all fair housing laws and regulations to ensure fairness and non-discrimination. By following these steps and conducting a thorough screening process, we aim to find the best-suited tenant for your property, someone who will be responsible, respectful, and reliable throughout their tenancy. Your peace of mind and the long-term success of the rental arrangement are our top priorities.

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