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    Priya October 20, 2020



    Vastu can be helpful to enhance the concentration of students in education. It helps students to achieve many things in their studies. Studying needs lots of attention, concentration. The direction of their desk, colors in the room, artwork on display, bed location, etc. are key placements for kids to feel focused and joyful.

    Some vastu tips for your children studying at home:

    • The study room should be in the East, North or North East direction of the house. It improves students absorbing and concentration power.

    • North East direction makes you feel energetic

    • Door of the study room should also be in the East or North direction.

    • There is no reflection of mirror opposite to your kids studying. It may disturb them and increase the pressure.

    • Study place should have natural sunlight and light should be bright but not harsh on the eyes.

    • Use square or rectangle shaped table to study because other shapes may create confuse. Corners of the table should not be sharp edges

    • Study table should be placed at East or Northeast direction.

    • Play any inspirational music can activate their energy.

    • Hang certificates and any trophies won by them, rooms should be vibrant and cheerful.

    • A study prayer before the bed helps you to focus on your studies. Hang any god frames they liked most.

    • There should be open space in front of the child, which encourages fresh ideas and approaches and breaks the monotony of lengthy study sessions.

    • If student uses a table lamp then place the lamp in South-East corner of study table.

    • Make sure that the study table is neat and clean. It should not be cluttered with too many books loaded on it.

    • A wooden chair is best with a slight cotton cushion.

    Vastu colour for study room:

    In Study room should be vibrant and cheerful. Use of colors like yellow, orange, green, etc. Avoid using black as well as other dark colors in study rooms.

    Avoid Social Medias:

    The one serious bad effect of social media is an addiction, the constant checking of Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and other social media updates. There are plenty of good things about social media but also many risks and things kids and teens get attracted. Spending too much time on social media can be a downer too. Kids don’t always make good choices when they post something to a social site, and this can lead to problems and distractions in their studies and daily life.


    Vastu Tips


    Vastu Tips