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    Vastu for a Positive Home
    Gowsalya October 17, 2020

    Vastu for a Positive Home

    Vastu for a Positive Home

    A home is a place which always makes you feel sentimental and imbibes a positive feeling of happiness and security. People always strive to imbue this place with lots of love and positive energies and what’s better than structuring a home as per the science of Vastu Shastra.

    It is an ancient science of architecture promoting a healthy and positive home, right from the main entrance of the home to the living room, kitchen, bedrooms, Puja ghar, bathroom, and other places in the house. Implementation of Vastu tips in homes will increase the inflow of pious energies and mental peace to the family members.


    Bedroom, playing the host to your much needed rest, should be setup according to the directions discussed in Vastu Shastra so as to bring peace and serenity in your life. The bedroom should be located either in the South West or in the West direction, as per Vastu Shastra. The ideal location of the entrance is in the North or East Direction.

    Ideal Sleeping Position:

    According to Vastu Shastra, one must always sleep with head towards the South and legs stretching north. This helps individual to have a sound and peaceful sleep. Sleeping with the head in the East direction is most effective as the east direction is the power-house for all positive energy.

    Prayer Hall:

    While arranging the prayer hall, always keep the idols of deities in the Eastern direction, so that while worshipping, you are facing the east direction. Also, Vastu Shastra prohibits one to build prayer room under the staircase as it is considered inauspicious.

    Ideal Location to place Tulsi plant:

    Tulsi, one of the most significant medicinal herb, is also worshipped in Hindu homes. Tulsi, with its fragrance and healing power, adds positive energies to the ambience. It is considered auspicious to have a Tulsi plant in front of your house. It wards off negative influences from your house. The ideal place is East.


    The kitchen, according to the Vastu Shastra, should be located in the North-Eastern direction of the house. Careful planning should be done so that the kitchen is not located above pooja room, bedroom or toilet.

    Ideal place for Bathroom:

    Vastu Shastra suggests to not build the Bathroom in any of the corners of the house. For a house to be Vastu Shastra compliant, the bathroom should be located in the eastern part of the house. Moreover, build the toilet in the western or north western part of the house.


    Vastu Shastra recommends digging a well to build a new house. Also, it is auspicious to use well water for construction of the house. The well should be round in shape with ample exposure to sunlight. The Vastu rule suggests building a well in the north or north eastern side of the house.

    Ideal place for Stairs:

    Vastu Shastra suggests building stairs in the West/South direction as it will block all the negative energy coming in the house. When the stairs are built, it should always rise from the East direction to land on West or start from North to land on South. One should avoid building a staircase in the northeast direction and the centre of the house.

    Placing Lamps in the correct direction:

    Vastu Shastra believes placing an oil lamp in the eastern direction wards off all the negative energies. However, avoid placing the lamp in the southern direction. Also, never lit a lamp with one wick only.

    Where to plant trees:

    Plant trees in south or west and they shouldn’t be too close to the house. Avoid contact with branches of trees with that of the house. Moreover, avoid planting creepers as it will use house walls for support.