Cleaning and Repairs Costs Might Be Deducted

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    Repairs and Maintanance
    Writer July 06, 2019

    Repairs and Maintanance

    Cleaning and Repairs Costs Might Be Deducted

    Landlords are permitted to deduct from security deposits for damage or excessive filth, but not for ordinary wear and tear.

    Typically, landlords may charge tenants for any cleaning or repairs necessary to restore the rental unit to its condition at the beginning of the tenancy. Landlords may not, however, use the tenant's security deposit to cover the costs of ordinary wear and tear.

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    Here are examples of wear and tear versus damage or excessive filth:

    Ordinary Wear and Tear: Landlord's Responsibility

    Curtains faded by the sun

    Minor marks on or nicks in wall

    Dents in the wall where a door handle bumped it

    Moderate dirt or spotting on carpet

    A few small tack or nail holes in wall

    Faded paint on bedroom wall

    Toilet flushes not working

    Damage or Excessive Filth: Tenant's Responsibility

    Cigarette burns in curtains or carpets

    Broken tiles in bathroom

    Large marks on or holes in wall

    Door off its hinges

    Lots of picture holes or gouges in walls that require patching as well as repainting

    Water damage on wall from hanging plants

    Sticky cabinets and interiors