Electrical Safety Tips For Your Home

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    Electrical Safety Tips For Your Home
    Writer February 02, 2023

    Electrical Safety Tips For Your Home

    Electrical Safety Tips For Your Home

    Electric maintenance is important in our home. Electric maintenance is an important requisite in our household. Learning how to properly use your home’s electrical system and your electronic devices can make a huge difference in how efficiently your electricity is working for your home.

    Unplug appliances when not in use

    Not only will unplugging appliances prevent you from using unnecessary energy, it could also help protect your appliances from electrical issues.

    Avoid Overloading

    Always avoid overloading a single outlet. Outlets are made to put out a certain amount of energy. Multiple high-wattage appliances plugged into the same outlet can be very unsafe. If you can’t rearrange your appliances to different outlets, consider installing a new outlet to relieve some of the stress on the original outlet.

    Main Power Off

    Power switched on during any work on the home’s electrical system can be a major reason for shocks & accidents. Always switch off the main power during major electrical maintenance activities. In case of small power outlet related maintenance, always switch off the plug point and work.

    Investigate Flickering Lights

    A flickering light often means the fixture or the circuit has loose wires somewhere. Tighten the bulb. If that doesn’t fix it, call an electrician.

    Keep electrical appliances away from water

    You are probably well aware that water and electricity don’t mix, but it’s sometimes easy to overlook hazards in everyday situations. Make sure you’re keeping kitchen appliances a safe distance from sinks and other appliances that use water.

    Don’t Use Extension Cords Long-Term

    An extension cord should be a short-term solution when you need electricity in a spot where there’s no ready outlet. An extension cord should not be a permanent solution for anything.

    Call an Electrician

    If you need any help with your home’s electrical system, please contact us +91 766 700 8999. Nimmadhi help you save energy and your utility bill, too.





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