Easy Tips To Clean Kitchen Chimney

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    Easy Tips To Clean Kitchen Chimney
    Writer January 23, 2023

    Easy Tips To Clean Kitchen Chimney

    Easy Tips To Clean Kitchen Chimney

    Cleaning your kitchen chimney is a very difficult task. Most of our Tamilnadu cooking involves a lot of spices and oils which generates a lot of smoke. The oil and grease from the smoke can get stuck in between the filters of chimney and can decrease the efficiency of the chimney.

    It removes smoke, airborne grease, vapours, odours, and steam from the gas stoves and vents it, outdoors. It has meshes, filters, and baffles that catch airborne contaminants such as grease, soot, and steam. Cleaning your kitchen chimney can be easily done by yourself with the help of some basic ingredients that can be found on your kitchen.

    Using baking soda & vinegar:

    Take baking soda, vinegar, and salt. Put the filters into a tub and pour boiling hot water. Add 2-3 tbsp of baking soda, salt and a cup of vinegar. Let them soak for a while and then clean properly.

    Using dishwashing liquid:

    Remove the filters from the hood and apply some dishwashing liquid to them. Take hot boiling water in a tub deep enough to immerse the filters. Leave them for around an hour or two. After a while clean the filters using dishwashing scrub. Let them dry and they are ready to be placed in the chimney.

    Detergent Powder:

    Detergent powder is mixed with hot water helps to easily remove the oil grease stains. put the filters in boiling water. Oil and grease will automatically disappear.

    How Often Should a Chimney Be Cleaned?

    Chimneys should be cleaned every two or three months, depending on the workload and the type and the amount of food cooked. For spicy meals, it is important to clean the meshes and filters on a monthly basis. However, a charcoal-filtered chimney, requires a filter replacement every six months.